Introducing Project MK6

Today at Tuning Gruppe, we are beginning a new project car titled Project MK6. This project is being completed in conjunction with BSH Speed Shop and GIAC.

We are using a MK6 Volkswagen GLI, while the GTI is the hot hatch that everybody loves to see work done to we thought a change of pace by creating a project car around the big brother, the GLI. With 2.0 Turbo TSI engine that has a starting horsepower of 200 and torque of 207 lb-ft this car is already a blast to drive even before start to make changes. However, changes are going to be made and  we are excited to see the increases that can be had from this project.

Project MK6 is having parts installed from brands like BSH Speed Shop, GIAC, New South, H&R, and Snow Performance. Here is a list of the parts you can expect to see installed during this project:

Through each step of the process we will discuss the upgrades and how their addition to the project helps with performance and what gains can be expected. We will also give you a look inside to the installation and testing.