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I want to go fast!

We know you want to go fast! So let’s do it!

Tuning Gruppe has held the belief for nearly a decade that your car should run at the peak of it’s ability. Our performance services are aimed at helping your vehicles maintain performance and dominance on the Arizona streets, to do this we deal with only the highest quality aftermarket parts and software available. Whether your vehicle is for daily driving, drift, drag, or a super car we have you covered!

Gruppe Performance

We want you to get a sense of what performance upgrades that Tuning Gruppe can provide for you. View some of our performance services below.

The ECU, or engine control unit, controls nearly every aspect of your vehicle, this includes horsepower, torque, ignition timing, and air/fuel mixture. Having an ECU upgrade designed for your vehicle helps you to unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

Having proper airflow is crucial to high-performance vehicles. Having an aftermarket intake system allows your vehicle to take in more oxygen at cooler temperatures. Additionally, our aftermarket exhaust systems allow for proper flow of exhaust leaving your vehicle with different options allowing for a variety of sounds depending on your preference.

Do you have a turbocharger or supercharger already installed in your vehicle or are considering having one installed? Turbocharger and supercharger systems compress air, allowing more oxygen to be forced into your engine- this results in more power. The choice between types of turbo systems you pick depends on a range of factors which the experts at Tuning Gruppe can help you to navigate and choose the best option for your car.

Having brakes that are truly exceptional should be a high priority for every driver. You allow your vehicle to handle at it's best when you invest in an optimized braking system for your Audi, BMW, Porsche, or Volkswagen vehicle.

Suspension operates by absorbing shocks that would otherwise be felt while you're driving along the road. Depending on the use of your suspension, you may choose to go with stiff or soft suspension. Whatever your goals are Tuning Gruppe can help you to choose the option that fits best for you to set you up for your perfect ride.

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